Greetings Prospective Member!

Do you feel the irresistible pull of your ancient homeland?

There is something in our DNA that will never let us forget who we are or where we are from.

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The lengths we Scots go to show the world where we belong is legendary. There is now a tartan network that covers most of the globe.

A Circle of Gentlemen is part of that network…

We are a Secret Jacobite Society that has worked tirelessly since 1748, moving silently in the shadows and through time to keep our ancient customs and traditions alive.

This year for the first time we have allowed membership to the general public and part of the revenue raised in doing so will form a trust to enable us to help save all that is precious for generations of Scots to come.

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Your payment of $80 for one year’s Membership, will allow you access to our private forum and full access to the website’s members-only features. You will also receive a joining membership pack and certificate confirming your new status. Various items linking loyalty to A Circle of Gentlemen are available through our online shop.

By joining us not only have you chosen to help support our culture and traditions, but the Ancient Kingdom of Scotland herself. Your money will go towards preserving vital aspects of our heritage which will most likely be lost for all time without the actions of people like us, dedicated to Scotland’s cultural upkeep.

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We attend several gatherings on the Jacobite calendar and you are invited to join with us on those dates .You will be kept informed with email updates throughout the year of our various activities. A Circle of Gentlemen intends to hold an International gathering later this year, location yet to be confirmed but the venue most likely to be in the capital city of Edinburgh.

Walk with us though the doors of time and immerse yourself in 263 years of our history.

The future awaits us all, let us help shape it

Matthew John Donnachie CCoG

Members Benefits & Privileges :

  • You will become an Associate Member of the Circle.

Forum Access

  • Membership of A Circle of Gentlemen Forum 1 (Private and public)
  • Membership of A Circle of Gentlemen Forum 2 (Strictly Private)

Access to Members Area

Members Pack includes:

  • Dates and Venues of Meetings in Scotland 2011
  • Commodore’s Welcome Address

Members can also access:

  • Downloads
  • Period Paintings
  • Period Literature
  • Videos Clips

Did we mention that you get to wear your Kilt?!


  • 20% Discount at Culloden House Hotel (worth the price of membership alone!)
  • 15% Discount at N. Milne (Shop hosted by CoG)
  • 10% Discount at Doctor denture
  • 10% Discount at Lady Chrystel Custom Made Kilts
  • 10% Discount Area 51 Motor Cycles (Yes, really!)
  • 10% Discount Monikie rock art, custom stone carvings and glass engraving
  • 10% Discount Evelyn Spence - Kiltmaker

Other featured offers will be published throughout the year, on an ongoing basis.

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Only $80 for one Year’s Membership

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Note that Memberships are reviewed Manually, so please allow 24hrs after payment to access all facilities – thank you!